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Ethics In Technology Essay

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Assignment 5: PY360 Ethics in Technology

Part 1:
A worm, like a virus, is designed to copy itself from one computer to another, but it does so automatically. First, it takes control of features on the computer that can transport files or information. Once a worm is in your system, it can travel alone. A great danger of worms is their ability to replicate in great volume. For example, a worm could send out copies of itself to everyone listed in your e-mail address book, and their computers would then do the same, which causes a domino effect of heavy network traffic that can slow down business networks and the Internet as a whole. When new worms are unleashed, they spread very quickly. They clog networks and possibly cause a long wait for you (and everyone else) to view Web pages on the Internet. A worm generally spreads without user action and distributes complete copies of itself across networks. A worm can consume memory or network bandwidth, which can cause a computer to crash. Because worms don't need to travel via a "host" program or file, they can also tunnel into your system and allow somebody else to take control of your computer remotely.

Trojan horses are computer programs that appear to be useful software, but instead they compromise your security and cause a lot of damage. A Trojan horse is a malicious program disguised as a normal application. Trojan horse programs do not replicate themselves like a virus, but they can be propagated as attachments to a virus. Trojan horses cause damage or compromise the security of the computer. Trojan horses spread when people are lured into opening a program because they think it comes from a legitimate source.
Part 2:

Number 1:

According to Kantian ethics, Morris’ release of the worm was not morally justifiable. Kantian ethics focuses on good will and states that, “even if a person’s best effort at doing good should fall short and cause harm, the good will behind the efforts is still good.” Morris...

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