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Ethics Intro Essay

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In a perfect world, any decision made by an individual would be driven purely by rationality and logic. Such is the major underlying assumption of business practices and the respective decision-making process. However, it is obvious that people, including those in high positions of power and responsibility, often act in an irrational manner. This is due to emotional and psychological filters present in every psyche. These biases are shaped through personal history and experience as well as through hereditary values and cultural morals that may potentially rest on a religious foundation. Combined, these decisional filters and cognitive heuristics form a person’s ethical stance, or an instilled sense of what is right and wrong. The influence of ethics on the decision making process has long been a subject of debate and so far no clear and precise consensus has been reached. As such, there are several distinct theories that attempt to describe this exact intertwined relationship, and especially its application when explaining difficult choices in “gray” ethical areas.   This tough territory is quite common in the world of business. After all, many financial and operating decisions involve mutually exclusive options with sometimes very similar perceived benefits. As such, in these cases of high choice difficulty and even higher potential for cognitive dissonance, ethics play a bigger role than rationality in the decision. That is, the brain prefers to use simpler ethical predispositions and heuristics instead of complex multi-level logical choices.   Also, the pure objectivism of the former often leads to indistinguishability between the two options assuming similar monetary benefits.   In this case, ethics can supersede this confusion by distinguishing between the options in terms of emotional guilt or pride.

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