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ethnography Essay

  • Submitted by: liub
  • on December 9, 2008
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Below is an essay on "ethnography" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As she walks the halls with purse in hand she is startled by the yells and screams surrounding her.   She has just entered the flea market off of Nihuang street in Beijing, China.   The flea market appeared as an old rugged building that had been worn down for years, but there were still hundreds of people walking in and out of the twirling doors.   She enters, there is a refreshment bar filled with drinks ranging from burning hot green tea to ice cold Mountain Dew.   However, as she turns the corner, the scenery turns from a nice relaxing refreshment area into a crazy competition.   There are a total of ten floors in the flea market, each floor holding thousands upon thousands of new customers every day.   Each floor sells a certain kind of product such as mp3’s, clothes, silk, artifacts, etc.   Each escalator brings tourists to a great savings in their pocketbooks.  
She is easily noticed and is targeted by the Chinese saleswomen.   Usually the women are the ones that sell the stores products, hoping to attract many males to their store.   With a calculator in the saleswoman’s hand they bombard the dumfounded tourist with prices that are unbelievably high.   Some saleswoman would even be so extreme as to grab someone, corner them while typing prices into their calculator for the product that they are interested in.   This tactic is actually very effective, because the tourists are taken out of their comfort zone and just want to move onto the rest of the flea market.  
She came to the flea market for one purpose, she was there to buy a Bluetooth device for her cellular phone.   Each floor contains around 100 oversized cubicles containing many of the same products, so if you cannot find a product that you are interested in for one price, then there is a possibility that you may find your target price for the same exact product in an adjacent store.   She walks buy to several stores asking for the price for the same exact Bluetooth device.   She receives prices ranging from...

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