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European Colonization Essay

  • Submitted by: tonyayo636
  • on February 27, 2011
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At one point in history, several nations of Europe became the most powerful and dominant in the world.
Five major nations rose to power, and each had one and one thing only on their mind: superiority. Surpassing
all others, Portugal, Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands emerged as the dominant nations of Europe.
Although they attempted many things in order to enhance their power and dominance, they all relied on one
common aspect: colonization. Colonization would lead to territorial expansion, as well as economic and
political prosperity. By establishing colonies all over the world, the trade and profit would be enormous. These
five European nations traveled around the world, colonizing any land they could find, in hope to broaden their
empire and achieve complete supremacy. This colonization brought them wealth and power, but something
else emerged from this colonization: the birth of several new cultures, people, and identities.
Portugal was the one responsible for sparking the initial interest in exploration and expansion in Europe.
Portugal became the first to engage in colonization, and led to the rest of Europe following and competing for
power. Initially, Europeans longed to find a route to Asia, since there were rumors of extraordinary empires
and cities, as well as the many economic opportunities, resulting in increased wealth and trade. As Europe tried
to find an all-water route to Asia, many attempts were made, most ending in failure. Finally, in 1498,
Portuguese captain Vasco de Gama arrived in Asia after sailing along the western coast of Africa and around
the southern tip to reach the Indian Ocean. This discovery opened the gates for future European exploration
and colonization, and encouraged Europeans to set sail for new lands. The world would soon be revolutionized
with the expansion of European colonization, and its traces can still be recognized even to this day.
Portugal’s primary reason for colonization was for the...

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