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European Invention Of Native Americans Essay

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  • on February 23, 2011
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European invention of Native Americans

    When we talk amongst ourselves about American history, it’s hard not to imagine the

Native Americans that once wandered and hunted in the wilderness of this country.

During the time when the thick forest covered the plains of the Midwest and the wild

buffalos roamed through the wilderness; Native Americans were considered to be the

single most important indigenous people to have lived in America. Today, “Native

Americans were and are real, but the Indians was White invention and still remains

largely a white image if not stereotyped” (Berkhofer, p.3).

    As far as I can remember, my first introduction to Native Americans and their culture

were those depicted by teachers and my parents. In school, I learned that the Indians and

the Pilgrims sat together and ate the first Thanksgiving meal, and at home, I can

remember playing cowboys and Indians with my older brother. Looking back and

reflecting my childhood playing antics with my older brother, he never once chose to be

the Indian because the cowboy was always the good guy and I being the younger brother

had no choice but to be the enemy Indian. Besides, carrying a silver plastic gun with a

sheriff’s badge was a lot “cooler” than carrying two wooden sticks and trying to mimic it

as a bow and arrow. As I got older, media in the form of print comic books and television

became the source of my interpretation of Native American culture. For example, Native

American’s in comic books were typically cast as ignoble savages with their face painted

and feathers worn on their heads. They were often seen eating their meals with their

hands and rituals with magic potions were used to help wounded Indians heal and get

better. Likewise, western movies depicted Native Americans as savages by depicting

scenes of captive cowboys being brutally mutilated. In one particular scene of a western

movie that I saw, I recall a...

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