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European/African Relations Now and Then Essay

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Back then, the relationship between Europeans and the slave workers was more accurately defined as possession of property then a relationship between cultures. The slaves were like a living object that served a purpose. Slaves were denied even the most basic human rights, they did not receive the necessary things needed to thrive as a human according to Maslows hierarchy of human needs. The Europeans restricted the slaves from learning to read and write and even speaking a language, this permanently stunted their intellectual growth and maturity. Everything from the boat-trip over to the working and living conditions were unimaginable by today's standards. The relationship was that of the Europeans filling the role of masters over the slaves, Until slavery was abolished the relationship looked like inhumane torture and complete exploitation of both man and women alike.

From my perspective, although the horrors of that time should never be forgotten and people of European descent should not even attempt to justify the actions of their ancestors for they are simply inexcusable, the relationship between the descendants of both elasticities should feel no guilt or remorse for past actions, as people should only be judged for their actions and not the actions they are associated with. Unfortunately today although I believe in countries such as Canada we are in the most case spared the harsh realities of racism and bad relations between ethnicities, the fact that this issue needs to even be addressed is testament to at least some evidence of bad relations. Nobody alive today was directly responsible for the crimes committed against the slaves, and as long as the descendants of those slaves enjoy the same rights and liberties that everyone else does then it would be fair to conclude the relations between the descendants of European slave masters and the descendants of slaves should not be any different then relations between anyone else.

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