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Euthanasia Essay

  • Submitted by: jasonkz
  • on March 2, 2011
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When a person chooses death over life in order to end their suffering, nobody, law and society, should intervene in their decision.
Euthanasia is a painless death, ending someone’s life when the pain and suffering of the person is no longer tolerable. Persons with incurable diseases or terminal illnesses may choose this mercy death.
If a patient has an incurable condition such as cancer or heart disease, he or she can opt for this practice. Euthanasia may be performed by a physician, ending the life of a patient, in a tranquil and peaceful way, by using a drug or interrupting some kind of life support.
When a person is in horrible pain, hopeless, and nothing else can be done, and only death can relieve their agony, the decision to end their lives should be an option because no one else knows their suffering.
There are two forms of euthanasia, “Passive” and “Active”. Passive euthanasia is when treatment or medication are no longer administered to the ill patient, knowing that the treatment is the only thing sustaining or keeping the person alive and knowing that the discontinuation of the treatment will cause the patient’s death. An example is the “Do Not Resuscitate order” (DNR), a legal request made by patients that do not want to be revived if they suffer a heart attack. In any other situation the medical staff will try to revive the patient, but in this case medical staff and family members can only watch the patient die. Another example of passive euthanasia is when a person’s kidneys stop working, and the person is kept alive with the help of a dialysis machine. If a doctor disconnects the person from the dialysis machine, the person will die soon; when the brain is damaged, and the person is in a vegetative state, and their life is depending in a feeding tube that supplies the person with nutrients, or to a ventilator that supplies the lungs with oxygen while the person stays connected to this machine. In these cases, when the doctor discontinues any...

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