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Every Thing Is Fair In Love And War Essay

  • Submitted by: zhossain263
  • on February 27, 2011
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“Everything is fair in Love and War”
This took place few years ago when I was doing my A’ levels.   We were playing a football match and only a few minutes were remaining. I had just passed the ball to our team striker who was playing brilliantly. He was on the run and as soon as he reached a shooting distance, an opponent player tackled him brutally from behind. Our striker fell down. The referee did not see what happened and the ball was cleared. That cost us the match as it was the last chance that we got. We came back to the dressing room and while returning I complained to the match referee about that unfair challenge. The opposite team coach came and whispered in my ears “Everything is fair in love and war”. That time I realized that we were actually in a war field, not in a football match. That is why they did what they had to for winning the game.
Love and war are completely two different things. One can say that these are two poles of the world, north and south, meaning two opposite directions. But when it comes to achieve a result or reach a desired destination they both can be linked up. It has been seen in the past that people did whatever they could for achieving their desired outcome. For example history tells us about some great rulers who achieved their wanted conclusion by following illegal means or by breaking the rules. For example take into account the empire of Macedonia (a state in the north eastern region of Greece), Alexander the Great. He used to keep a fresh troop as a back up and when the battle was almost over, i.e. both the sides were tired; he used to introduce this fresh troops and eventually win the battles. Similarly the same steps were followed by the French empire Napoleon Bonaparte and others. So history tells us that even the greatest of the great empires of the world have been using unconditional methods for winning battles. This proves that for war nothing counts. For winning battles you can use unlawful or illicit methods...

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