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Everything Is Connected Essay

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Everything is Connected
Technology is inescapable. Regardless of how hard one may try to fight it, gadgets of the day sneak into our lives. Although the reliance mankind has on technology is nothing new; just as the sharpened rock was a necessity of early man, modern man relies on the internet. The internet maintains national defense networks, links massive amounts of data available at a simple click, and even allows people on the opposite ends of the earth to communicate and even see each other in real-time. If such claims were made thirty years ago, an audience would have questioned the speaker’s sanity. However in modern times, such things are not only capable, but often taken for granted. The internet has fueled the advancement in personal computers and has also changed the way we communicate forever.
A person without a computer is now a rarity. When such confessions are given, the reaction is often shock and confusion. How could one manage without a computer? It is simply amazing how far the personal computer has advanced over the past thirty years. In the early 1980’s, a personal computer was an extravagance available very few. Although they had been around for decades, personal computers offered little more than data processing, word processing, and simple games. The personal computer was available for all, but with its price and limitations, there was no reason to have one outside of the office. In the early 1990’s, the personal computer changed forever. In the early 1990’s, companies such as CompuServe and America Online offered the internet to everyone, for a price. Through the phenomenal popularity of the internet, the personal computer transformed from a luxury to a necessity. Before the Internet, the personal computer stood stagnant for decades. With the internet, new programs were created, computers advanced by leaps and bounds in only a few years due to the internets popularity. What was once a simple data processor is now a source to connect to...

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