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Eviormentla Effects Of Bottle Water Essay

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Nearly everyone in their life has drunken a bottle of water and thought nothing of it, but given time to think about it you would discover a very dark side to a very beneficial substance. The human body is comprised of approximately 60-70% water and is the essential substance to our existence. Bottled water has taken precedence over tap water but while drinking bottled water has become a staple in many people’s lives there are some negatives in doing so. While bottled water may claim to be “Straight from the freshest springs” this is anything but the truth. Bottled water, while still good for you, is an epidemic our country is facing and is a common misjudgment that cost our environment every day we continue to support it. By buying bottled water we are effectively supporting a lie created by savvy corporations to trick the public into buying something that is essentially free. Bottled water has no proven benefits over regular tap water. Also, after we finish with our bottles we cast them aside into garbage cans or whatever other receptacle we see fit, these nonbiodegradable objects are costing this country millions of dollars and is expediting a slow demise of our beautiful environment by filling our landfills with plastic that cannot be broken down. Other down falls are factories spewing tons of Carbon dioxide into the air and also using millions of barrels of oil to created the plastic needed.
Let’s lead off with some insight into just how much bottle water People are consuming per year. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, Americans in particular consumed more bottled water than any other country around 31.2 billion liters in 2006 alone with China and Australia following closely behind. Bottled water consumption was increased dramatically in the past 30 years while only a generation ago bottled water was considered a novelty and was not readily accessible, nowadays you would be hard-pressed to find anyone without one of those little plastic bottles...

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