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MKT 650 Marketing Strategy     Exam No. 2     Fall 2011

You will complete Exam 2 working as a team to apply the “brainlining” process presented in Exam 1.     The exam will consist of 3 Parts.   Due Monday, November 14 but start early for best results.

Part 1
Send your 3 suggestions for brainlining, summarized from Question 2, Exam 1, via email to a team member you select as your coordinator.   This person should compile these ideas, eliminate any duplication, and send as an email to all of the team asking for comments.   Each team member should respond with comments and suggestions via the “reply all” email function.   This will hopefully start several email strings.   Keep these strings going “asynchronously” (as you have available time) until there is a clustering of ideas or the synthesis of new and promising improvements.

If you are already well into face to face brainstorming, use this opportunity to refine and polish your recommendations with a view to finding that creative “Big Idea” that would distinguish your plan.

Part 2 (Social Media)
A number of students have recommended the use of social media to attract interested prospects – “inbound marketing.”   In order to add this dimension to your consideration of creative ideas, please visit the website of “Inbound Marketing University” at the following address:

http ://inboundmarketing.com   Click on view the curriculum here.   See articles under Principle Overviews.   Home page offers a training program and certification opportunity.

Read the overview presented, and be prepared to discuss the applicability of inbound marketing prior to your team meeting described in Part 3.

Part 3
Your team coordinator should convene a team meeting no later than November 13 to complete this exercise with a face to face brainstorming session to follow up on the most promising ideas generated by the brainlines, including the possible utility of inbound marketing initiatives that you have read about and...

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