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Explain The Impact Of Cameron On The Conservatives Essay

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  • on March 3, 2011
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Explain the impact of Cameron on the Conservative Party

Cameron’s conservatism is seen as an intercross between Thatcherism and New Labour, where it is neo liberalism in economics and anti-Europe, however supports Blairite views, such as on public service form and localism.   As David Cameron took leadership over the Conservative Party in 2005, there has been a great deal of internal dissension because of his modernising and reform policies under the Conservative party. This has taken the party in a complete new direction. His reform policies opposing many views on the traditional conservatism and the new Right have resulted in a major impact on the party overall; however he achieved the opportunity in forming a leadership to carry these strategic policies.

Progressive conservatism aims to decentralise welfare delivery and promote civil society and helping those who are least well off.   This idea opposes Thatcher’s view on economic individualism, as Cameron reinforces his opinion that Conservatives should be ‘the party of ‘we’, as well as ‘me’. In addition, it opposes New Labour’s centrally imposed targets. Social liberalism on the other hand, looks to individual freedom alongside economic spheres. Evidently, Cameron’s idea conflicts with Thatcherism’s social views, like on sexuality and race, and also opposes New Labour’s views on ‘nanny state interventionism. The main difference is that Cameron is more pragmatic on his reform views and the fact that most of them are critical of New labour and Thatcherism result in a dramatic impact on the party, in being able to conform with the modernisation.

All Cameron’s social policies fall under the ‘Big Society’; this is the main term which conforms to allowing local decision-making power to communities, decentralising government power, and giving communities the opportunity to take control of   the services in their region. This supports the idea of less bureaucracy, less office workers, but more community and...

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