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Facebook Vs Twitter Essay

  • Submitted by: rjkuzy
  • on December 4, 2011
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Facebook vs Twitter
As generations evolve over time, trends come and go. Four years ago the generation used Facebook to keep in touch with all of their friends and family. Back then it was known for college students to use next was high school students, now everyone uses Facebook ranging from, thirteen year old children up to elderly people. But nowadays the generation has brought in a new social networking website, Twitter. Anyone and everyone can use Twitter but it has gotten a lot bigger than it was four years ago. However both Facebook and Twitter have their own types of privacy, setups, and friends.
Privacy is a great thing one needs when using a social networking website. Using Twitter one can “lock” all of his or her information on their page; denying access to people that are not followers. This being said these strangers cannot see or retweet tweets unless accepted as a follower. Facebook you can set your privacy to not letting anyone who is your friend to see your posts on your friends walls or your statuses. You can also block a person completely, so that they can’t even find your name in the search box. The privacy aspect is key in these kinds of websites because some people don’t want others following, looking, or commenting on their personal information.
Both of these websites have their own types of setups. Twitter is the type of website that you can see all of someone’s statuses. In these statuses people write whatever is on their minds or what it is that they are doing. You can make shout outs to anyone who is one of your followers. To have a conversation with someone you make a status about them with the “@” and then their name and they can comment back by making another status with the “@” and then your name. Twitter has a place for only one picture, which is called your avi and it’s basically your profile picture. On Facebook people can put whatever they want and as many pictures up as they want. People write their statuses as whatever is...

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