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Facial Expressions Essay

  • Submitted by: chelgopoo
  • on December 9, 2008
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Does Facial Expression Effect Reaction Time?
A facial expression can reveal innumerable aspects of what is happening inside a human brain. They are a visible sign of the affective state, cognitive activity, intention, and personality of a human (Chibelushi & Bourel 2002). The information transmitted by a human facial expression is so biologically and socially important that the human brain has evolved a complex neural system that can quickly and accurately decode facial expressions displayed by friends and enemies (Palermo & Coltheart 2004). The expressions a person makes while speaking accounts for about 55 percent of the effect of the listener (Chibelushi & Bourel 2002). When accurately interpreted by the interlocutor expressions allow the person to understand the speakers' states, needs, and intentions. This enables the observer to behave in a way that optimizes social interaction (Calvo & Lundqvist 2008). There have been countless studies that investigated how emotion is recognized from facial expressions. In these studies participants have ranged from infants, children, and adults varying in ages.   In our study we were interested in investigating the accuracy of the participants' recognition of the expression.
Palermo and Coltheart (2004) selected a sample of 336 faces from five different face databases, with seven expressions displayed by 25 female and 25 male models. The authors presented the faces to 12 female and 12 male participants, who judged each expression as neutral, happy, angry, disgusted, fearful, sad, or surprised. Recognition rates and types of errors, along with response times, were collected, thus producing norms about how accurately and quickly each expression of each model is identified (Calvo & Lundqvist 2008). The data collected found that there was a main effect of expression wit happy expressions recognized significantly more accurately than all the other expressions. In contrast, they found that fearful expressions were recognized...

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