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Fast Sales Essay

  • Submitted by: mikeyryzz
  • on February 27, 2011
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“Fast start for 2011 Car sales”
The Witness Newspaper
Thursday,February 3,2011

The event I have chosen is the “fast start of car sales in January 2011” this is taken from the Witness newspaper,this article briefly describes the dramatic increase in car sales from last year to this year and the   different views on it. The three different form of media I chose were newspaper,internet and radio station. The reason why I chose newspaper was because the newspaper dictates the main story and tell you the facts and the understanding of the story it gets people that are involved with the car sale to give their insight on the situation and what the advantages and disadvantages, and gets the reader understanding the story from his perspective. The other from of media was internet,this was a particular interesting form of media as you would open the story on the internet and you would be overwhelmed by the comments and thoughts that people have shared on the story the public has a major role on the outcome of the story,public influence is huge in the making or breaking of stories. The third form of media I chose was radio station. A radio station such as talk radio 702 were close to 3 million people listen to eve day speaks about the car sale increases and gets the listeners and the public to express their view on the matter,this from of media is similar to the internet except its live and many more people are listening to others view on the matter and commenting on others views.
The medium that gave the most complete coverage of the event is the newspaper because it gives you the facts and insight from quotes to comments by the car salesmen themselves and the background behind the story. The article has an interesting part were Dr Johan van Zyl says that many car manufactures actually postpone their sales of December and add them to Januaries tallies giving them a large number and he says that vehicle sale are actually steady through out the whole year.
The medium...

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