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A Favorite American Pastime Essay

  • Submitted by: lgee
  • on December 3, 2008
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“C’mon, Shorty, you can do it!”   A few words of encouragement from the main character’s teammate also imply discrimination.   Shorty is not the main character’s name, but it’s used in lack of respect.   In, Baseball Saved Us, written by Ken Mochizuki and illustrated by Dom Lee, the main character and his family is discriminated against, discriminated against because of his below average height for his age and their out casted cultural background.   The discrimination leads to the intended and unintended message of the book.   The author attempted to express perseverance through discrimination.   The unintended messages in the book were minimal, but had to do with stereotypes; gender and racial.
          The mentioned characters in Baseball Saved Us, by Ken Mochizuki are Teddy the main character’s older brother, Dad the father to Teddy and the main character, and Shorty, also known as Jap, the main character.   Other characters are fellow Japanese captives and the man in the tower.   Shorty is the narrator of the story and the victor.   Shorty is in an internment camp.   An internment camp is confinement of a specific cultural background during wartime.   The internment camp is for Japanese Americans living on the west coast of the U.S.A. during World War Two.   Dad believes he and his family are Americans and should not be in the camp.   The American government does not agree and believe Japanese in America have loyalty to Japan.   The war surfaced those beliefs.   Shorty asks his dad why they are in the camp.   His dad tells him, “Because, America is at war with Japan, and the government thinks that Japanese Americans can’t be trusted.   But it’s wrong that we’re in here.   We’re Americans too!”   At the moment of Shorty’s question, Dad was pondering. He was pondering a plan to uplift his fellow Japanese in the camp.   Baseball.   Dad knew baseball was mandatory soon after Teddy disrespected him.   Teddy disrespected his father in front of elders in the camp and Shorty.   Dad...

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