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Favourite type of Music Essay

  • Submitted by: trungvn
  • on December 14, 2008
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Inside the Metal Culture
I come to metal pretty accidentally, like when you meet someone in the street,   you suddenly realize “wow, this is the guy I've been looking for”.   Simple, but true.   When I was in grade 10th, I used to pay attention to a girl in my class.   She is cute and loves metal, too.   It may be weird that a girl loves metal, but music really doesn't care about gender.   I liked her a lot, so I decided to discover metal in order to talk with her.   However, the deeper I know about it, the more interesting I find out.   And not long after that, I realize metal is something I've been searching for, something that can help me relax and something that expresses myself.      
Many people think that metal is frenzied and noisy, but they just look at the surface of metal but miss what's inside it. Metal has its own characteristics that is so different than others.   Its sound may be the noisiest of all, but behind is such a strong emotional expression.   Unlike other genres such as pop or hip-hop, metal doesn't say much about love or pleasure; instead, it expresses our most mediocre desires and strongly criticizes every evil things we do.   It has a fighting spirit that no other genre have.   It is the voice from the darkness part inside each person, the voice that we are afraid to speak out. Its lyric is dark, emphatic and various but often related to sex, violence, sorrow, epic or religion.   For instance, bands like Manowar, Amon Amarth... mostly write about Norse mythology, war and glory; while Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy's themes are anti-religion, Satan and death.   Sometimes, artists even create a plot for an album so that all the songs in that album are used to tell a story.   In addition, I haven't seen any kind of music that has as many branches as metal and each one is different from each other.   That makes metal stand out among others to become one of the most various genre in the world.
  In addition to sound and lyrics, album art, logos also...

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