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FDA Issues Essay

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Below is an essay on "FDA Issues" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The recent spinach scare proves the worthlessness of the FDA and USDA. The government was not able to stop the E. Coli outbreak. It was only after the fact that it issued a recall. This was useless. Who in his right mind would have purchased the spinach anyways after hearing of the E. Coli and not knowing which brands were affected? The best solution to the problem is to abolish the FDA and USDA and replace them with private, voluntary agencies.

Some critics claim that we would all die if it was not for the FDA and its regulations. Stop and think about it for a moment, though. If Lay’s potato chips are found to cause any health problems then I doubt many people would continue to purchase them. Lay’s knows this, and they want to maintain and even grow their profits. Therefore Lay’s will make sure that their product is the best they can produce.

Also, I said replace with private agencies. What agency? Well, they do not exist yet, but they would surely spring up once we eliminate government regulations. They would be a hybrid of certification and insurance agencies.

First, there would be the certification side. Today food and drugs are tested and approved, or certified, by the FDA. There is no reason that a private company could not perform the same function. If they approve it the product could carry the seal of approval of that company. Consumers would then feel safer knowing that the product has been tested and certified. They would be more likely to buy certified products rather than non-certified, therefore motivating everyone to obtain certification.

Certification companies would be superior to the FDA because they would be accountable to the consumers. If the potato chips certified by the Good Food Certification Company was found to cause health problems, then consumers might not buy other products from certified by the same company. Manufacturers would then cease to purchase certification from that company. Like Lay’s GFCC is also motivated by...

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