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This Feeling In My Heart... Its Just Worst Essay

  • Submitted by: ibtrptiw93
  • on October 27, 2008
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Below is an essay on "This Feeling In My Heart... Its Just Worst" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Oh god, I feel crappy and corny. Just like a middle school girl all over again.

Oh and by the way, yes he likes me. Why am I sure... hehe, well long story short:

He is my ex's best friend... or ex best friend I should say since after my ex found out the following...

I for wanting to find out if my ex was cheating on me, became friends with his best friend (the guy I like), But not as myself, but as another girl. This was a whole year ago...
I broke up with my ex around 3 months ago, tough I stopped having love feeling towards him since 3 months before that.
So I keep on talking with his friend and stuff and he ended up apparently liking me, and I was also having soft feeling for him, but nothing was possible since I was supposed to be a girl from another town. And if he knew it was me, I thought hat he was gonna forever hate me.

But a month ago, he found out and I wasn't gonna keep denying it, because I liked him and it felt wrong... And to my surprise, he liked me even if, because he knew how my ex was and I am a good enough person for him to like. Funny...

But in the last week I found out that he and my ex stopped the friendship, not only because he keeps talking to me and likes me, but because my ex threatened him to break his face if he found out of anything between us two... But the guy doesn't care, he will keep talking to me even if it means loosing that friendship and getting in risk of a fight with him...

Still, having issues of understanding with the guy I like and that likes me back but just not sure if its in the same way that I like him. Thing is I don't know if hes just trying to make himself though and unreachable because hes really like that or because hes afraid of letting me get to close... I really would like to know but he is obviously not going to tell me. Making me a little worried. He tells me he likes me and hits on me... god, he even flirts and at times shows me his weak spots but never really seems to let his shields...

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