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feminism theory in internatinal relations Essay

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In International Relations, gender issue took important place in last years.Gender issues

have received increasing attention in many areas of social sciences. The starting point of

gender issues in international relations are based on inequalities between men and women.

  Feminism theory of international relations is a broad term given to works of those scholars
who have sought to bring a concern with gender into the academic study of international
politics. In terms of international relatios theory it is important to understand that
feminism is derived from the school of thought known as reflectionism.   We can briefly say
that feminist international relation scholars generally argue that the way many conventional
international relation scholars approach the study of world politics discloses gendered
  In this approach,two concepts also are explained which is related to feminism theory of  
international relations. This concepts are the Feminism and the Feminist Theory.Feminism is
about the oppression of women by men. In Western countries where women have equal legal
and political rights, oppression may seem an exaggrated claim. However, women did not gain
the vote until in the twentieth century; when John Stuart Mill championed female suffarage in
1869 he did not hestitate to like situation of women to taht of slaves. The suffragist
movements of the nineteenth and early twetieth centuries constituted the firs way of
feminismMoreover, The Feminist Theory is the extension of feminism into theorietical or
philosophical ground. It aims to understand the nature of inequality and focuses on gender
politics, power relations and sexuality.    

Three Feminist Traditions:
Three intellectual traditions have nourished feminism, each imparting its own particular
character and learnings. These three traditions-moral reform, liberalism and socialism-share
certain concerns but also diverge in ways that greatly...

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