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Finding The Motivation. 500 Wordcount Essay

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In this essay I will explore different motivational theorists and how the theories were invented. One could define motivation as incentive or drive to accomplish a given task; therefore it is essential to have good motivation skills within any given business. Motivation has been influencing business and people for many years; this can be seen by the ‘Scientific management theory’ this was designed by Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1917).”Taylorist principles assert that the more an employee works, the greater their pay” (Bevan, 2010 p16).   Taylor devised his system to allow the workers to earn more money by setting tasks related to pay. This was called piece-rate pay. This theory was adopted by many businesses, the most well known would be Henry Ford who used this theory to design the first production line, producing Ford cars. This was the start of mass production (Bevan et al, 2010). However Taylors theories did not last long as the employees became very hostile, mostly due to the fact that they were given menial tasks and treated like human machines, this gave an adverse effect causing the employees to go on strike. On the other hand this was not the end to motivation theories...it was just the start. In the 1930’s Elton Mayo had a different opinion to the one held by Taylor, he realised that motivation was not just down to pay but also the managers taking an active interest in the employees and listening to their opinion and meeting their social needs. He worked for many years on ‘human relations school’ and in 1933 he was approached by the Western Electric Company for advice, he conducted many experiments by isolating workers and accessing their productivity levels when other surrounding factors were changed i.e. conditions, lighting etc. This became part of what is called ‘The Hawthorne Studies’ Mayo is very well known for the ‘Hawthorne studies’ and his published book aided to his popularity in this field.
As you can see from above, Mayo has extended...

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