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fine Essay

  • Submitted by: lghytyfe36
  • on January 14, 2009
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Senseless Error
                Every year my brother's school has a basketball tournament against the rival. Every one shows up, no matter whose playing. My family and I always go together. We always cheer for my brother while he's playing. My mom is that type that likes to do everything, together as family. She'll make sure my dad, my other brother, and me are going. So she'll get mad if one of us are not there or missing. That day I was running late. I came from my friend's house. I told my mom I was already there and "supposedly" I couldn't find her.
                      When I finally got there I stop at the food court, to get something. When I got there I remembered that my mom told me and my brother not eat, because where going out for dinner, when the game is over. After I got my candy because; I needed something sweet. I saw my brother walking in front of me with a big pile of food on a tray.   So I punched him in the shoulder as a joke and called him, "Fatty! Save some food for the rest of us." Turns out it wasn't my brother, it was a complete stranger. I felt so bad.   However I could of swore it was him, but they look so alike from behind, how could of I thought it was him unexpectedly. I just ran away from the stranger before he said something to me.
                        I was already late and I didn't want my mom to see me. If she saw me she will probably think I am irresponsible.   Therefore my friend and I decided to walk under the bleachers to the other side of the gym. I didn't know what gave me that idea. I couldn't see anything. It was so dark under there that I accidentally tripped over something.   I didn't think anything of it until I came out and noticed that the game had stopped.   That was when I realized I'd trip over the electric cord for the scoreboard and ruined whole game.   I was so embarrassed.   I think that several people noticed that it was my fault. However the people who were cheering for the other team got mad because...

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