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First Ammendment Essay

  • Submitted by: jonah1217
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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The 1st amendment

I chose to do this paper on the first amendment. This amendment alows us to have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the freedom of expression. These freedoms were essential to the creating, and upkeeping of the United States. If it were not forthese rights, we could end up having a dictator, or living in complete fear of the government.
The freedom of religion is essential in keeping an open mind, and kepping the principles this government as started on. For instance; if the U.S. were to start persecuting the muslims, jews, or   Christians we would be going aginst the very reason we left Britan. For religious freedom.
The freedom of speech is definatly the most important freedom, and tool to protect your other civil rights. If the government were to say that we can't tell what happened to that reporter in baghdad to eachother, then billions would be tried and convicted, and the military would continue disregarding some basic rules of combat which we wouldn't be able to tel one onother know. Or if the government were to say you can't say anything ad about us; the governent would go on to be corrupt, and we couldn't try ginst them or rally because we wouldn't be able to plan anythig without being convicted. The freedom of spech is one of the most important tools in keeping the government in check.
Expression is also deffinently a tool in keeping the government in ceck bye showing how we feel. For instance a supreme court case where 2 students were told to take off a braclet that had a peace sign on it. The school persisted on them taking it off. In the end the supreme court rulled in favor of the students, saying that wearing the peace braclets was not interupting anything, and the kids have the civil right to wear that braclet. But this amendment is not only affective in letting students wear braclets, but it is also importan so we can show the government we aren't ok with something, or to show that we want this to happen.

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