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First Contact Essay

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The voyage was long and sickening.   The ship held hundreds of men sequestered in the intolerable and putrefying smell of dirtiness and animals.   Some of the shipmen did not make it through.   Some began to suffer from severe nausea and vomiting and simply died of dehydration and malnutrition.   We did not fear losing our ship members; we feared the ocean. It has a temperament of its own and at times, it rebelled against us.   Nevertheless, we continued, and continued for countless days and nights.
What had once appeared to be inconceivable had just become a reality. The day was about to break through, it must have been about 6am.   We arrived to the shore of a crystal clear beach with the bluest water I have ever since.   The sand was powdery and luscious.   The breeze was refreshing and the air was satisfying to the lungs.   It was paradise like no other.   It was a beautiful fusion of jungle and ocean. I had never experience such beauty and tranquility.   It was a moment of joy and triumph.   We had finally arrived to land that was going to bring us a new start.  
We had already been forewarned of the strange looking people that inhabit the land.   We were told that were not like us, they were Indians with brown skin and black hair.   Personally, I was very curious to encounter these people and see how they live off this land.   We walked the shore for several hours and these strange looking people did not show up. There was no evidence of them.   Some men just rested near by but I continued to explore the land and enjoy the scenery.  
With fear and uncertainty, I walked by myself into the dense jungle.   I did not know what exactly to expect.   I saw a few colorful birds and a few hairy en or twelve years old.   They had the brown skin and black hair.   They barely had anything covering them and they had bows and arrows.   They just stood they were wrongfully unaware of the Christian faith.   I was not disappointed with their reaction to my crucifix.   I just knew that we were...

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