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The First Knight Essay

  • Submitted by: mira1
  • on December 15, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The First Knight" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A Romance is full of journeys in search, a hero to save everyone, and the battle of good versus evil. In every romance there are super heroes and somebody else that counter acts his supernatural abilities, whether it’s an enemy or a lover. They usually can perform extra ordinary deeds using magic which helps them rescue others. For the most part the hero is tested throughout the film or novel. The movie "The First Knight" has been known as a traditional romance for the reason that it includes a vast amount of displays of heroism followed by an evil villain and a female figure in need of rescue.

Sir Lancelot and King Arthur both played as pure heroic figures throughout the movie. These two characters are considered as heroes on account of their self-sacrifice that they showed for Camelot and Lady Guinevere. Lancelot demonstrated a fair amount of sword skills from when he was contesting duals with villagers for money, to killing Malagant to display his honor for Camelot as well as King Arthur. Against King Arthur, Sir Lancelot carried a love for his soon to be bride Lady Guinevere. During the whole of the movie Lancelot pursued Guinevere but was turned down many times. In a heroic attempt Sir Lancelot sought out to rescue Lady Guinevere from Malagant, who had kidnapped her. To nobody’s surprise Lancelot came back alive and with Lady Guinevere in hand. For the sake of his heroism King Arthur decided to make Sir Lancelot a knight of the round table. Much to his surprise, King Arthur found Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere exchanging a kiss right before Lancelot’s private departure.

This very encounter caused King Arthur to charge them with treason. Which lead to the unfolding of King Arthur’s affection for Camelot. King Arthur then displayed reign over himself when he choose not to surrender to Malagant in the great square. It was then that King Arthur commanded "To fight! Fight like you've never fought before! Never surrender! Never Surrender!...

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