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First Time for Everything Essay

  • Submitted by: erikajakic
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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irst Time For Everything

  I finally claimed my seat on the airplane after squeezing through what seemed like

millions of passengers. All of he different cultures and races surrounded me in an array

of scents and colors. I settled into my seat and the last fight with my family was on

replay in my mind. “You can't!” screamed by brother, while slamming his fist on the

wooden kitchen table causing a tiny earthquake. His bright blue eyes flashing with

anger. I quickly glanced at my mother, hoping to see some sort of positivity, or even

eagerness. I found a blank expression instead, her own light blue eyes vacant, her  

lightly freckled face seemed to have paled in mere minutes. I never thought   me wanting

to meet my own father would be such a horrific ordeal. I tried to calm the situation and

control my brother, Anthony, handsome and twenty.

“Are you not curious where you get your good looks from bro?” I drawled, he was not

impressed. I realized there would be no reckoning with them so I slowly pushed my

chair away from the table and left them to bask in the news. The News that I, twenty

year old Erika Jakic wanted to travel to Croatia to meet her biological father. I wish I

had a mental “pause” button to stop the chaos but I also knew the only other place my

mind would take me would be the thoughts on my father and what was soon to come.

What does he look like? Should I ask him why he has never sent his children a Birthday

or Christmas card? I mean, we are twins, only one birth date to remember! Will he hug

me? What do I call him? I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, immediately scolding

myself for my travel fashion sense. My ripped jeans were just a bit too low, and my

black T shirt too short. The inch of bare back that was exposed to the red polyester

chairs was beginning to itch. I hated to move, not wanting to disturb the highly fidgety

business man pounding on his laptop....

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