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fish Essay

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How the pH of water affects you

        Lots of lakes and streams suffer from chronic acidity, which means the water has A constant low pH level. 75% of lakes and steams get

this from acid rain. With aquatic Habitats with a pH level of 5 and below, most fish eggs can't hatch, adult fish start to die

at like 4 and below. High pH levels in water are also harmful to life. At high pH levels most ammonium in water converts into NH3

(ammonia), this leads to dead fishes. The pH level of water in an aquatic environment is extremely important to keep neutral for

the protection of the life inside, which can be linked to use in so many ways.

    Smokestacks exhaust pipes, and all things that contribute to pollution like heavy industries. Pollutants that collect in the sky form clouds

which rain. These clouds rain water with deadly chemicals in them , which have abnormally low, and high pH levels.Chemical waste in

underground   mines and facilities gets into underground water Channels, which go to cities, lakes, rivers, the ocean.

    Aquatic life are extremely sensitive to the pH level of the water, as seen below.

fish can suffer from many diseases that lead to there death, which cuts off a source of food for other living things such as us. if one species in
an area that is a food source for another dies because the acidity is to high , than that other thing must depend on another thing to survive.
this is hard on the environment and sends all life in it into a chaotic search for food. eventually this leads to many species dying out.
    we are directly linked to all living things , every thing we do to the environment we live in has a affect on the other living things. when we
poor chemicals with abnormal ph lvls into nuetral water with life into we kill off a food source that is needed for all of our food sources.

If we keep altering the natural ph lvl in a enviroment we start to...

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