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Flame Test Lab Essay

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The Flame Test Lab




Element Color

Sr- Red Orange
Ba- Yellow Orange
Na- Bright Orange
Li- Hot Pink
Ca- Orange
Cu- Green, Aqua, Blue

Conclusion Questions-
1. The process by which the colored flame is produced is the release of light energy. When heat energy is added to an element, its electrons move from their ground state, to an excited state. This means the element's electrons are jumping from one orbital to another. When the heat is released, the electron then jumps back into its ground state, or back into its original orbital. When this exothermic reaction occurs, it produces light energy, which is the colored light we see.

2. A ground state atom is an atom in its most natural form, no energy added, and its electrons are in their comfortable orbitals. The excited state is when an electron has energy added to it, and its electrons move from their natural orbital, to another outer shell. Since it has energy, it's considered excited.

3. Electron Configurations
Sodium(Na): 2-8-1
Neon(Ne): 2-8
Manganese(Mg): 2-8-2
Bromine(Br): 2-8-18-7

In conclusion, we were capable of observing and evaluating the colors produced by certain metal ions when they are vaporized in a flame. I learned that when energy is taken away from an excited sample of an element, the electrons jumping from excited, back to ground state, is exothermic in light energy form.

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