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flapper girls Essay

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  • on March 10, 2009
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The Flappers
Women during the Victorian age were considered as incompetent (pretty much like children), were supposed to submit to men, be morally perfect and were socially controlled by many cultural rules. But the Roaring Twenties would see a new type of woman called "the flapper" which would change many things to women's condition. What was socially acceptable and the attitudes of women changed radically due to the flappers and their influence can still be felt nowadays.
From the end of World War 1 up to the Great Depression (1929), the United States knew a fantastic time of prosperity. Through the 1920s the country faced huge economical, political and cultural changes which went from prohibition to the Harlem Renaissance, and from a whole set of new technologies and devices to the beginnings of professional sports. Ernest May described in his book War, Boom, and Bust, this period in those words: "the fast changing pace, the new thoughts, and the emphasis on good times, sex, and wild-living made the 20s roar". Laura Mulvey, in The Flapper Phenomenon, wrote: "It was during what we might call the Flapper period, or the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties that American popular culture began to capture the imagination of the world. . . . [America] was inventing its own modernity. . . . "

Before those "Roaring Twenties", the feminine ideal was the Gibson Girl. Still very Victorian in its manners she was considered as socially perfect since the beginning of the 1890s up to the 1920s. The Gibson Girl was the model to be followed. It was inspired by the Charles Dana Gibson's drawings which can be described like this:

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