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Flashback Essay

  • Submitted by: alexboi10
  • on February 23, 2011
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BOMB! The sirens blare out and they are people screaming and running everywhere.
The bomb is coming! I ran through to my sister’s room to get her but she wasn’t there. I ran out to our shelter and there was our mum and sister sitting in there but my dad wasn’t. I looked at my mum and she said, “He’s gone.” Suddenly the ground started to shake and then a massive bang, the lights went off and everything was silent. I was clutching onto my sister’s hand, terrified.
It’s been a week now since the bomb, we haven’t been outside yet and we have a little bit more food between us since our dad is dead. Our only hope is for the army to save us. You see, surviving is one thing. We have been sitting in this shelter for two weeks playing board games and eating food. It is a boring way to live and I cannot continue it this way. If we don’t go outside soon we would die in here of starvation anyway.
I had lost track of time and just slept when I was tired. I had fallen asleep in the middle of our game of monopoly.
“It was a cold winter’s day and I was sitting in with my family watching the news, they were talking about nuclear warheads and something to do with conflict with Iraq.   There have been warnings about nuclear bombs being dropped on us, so we have been taught how to protect ourselves in case it happens. Nobody thinks it will happen though, it is probably just a scare.
(1 week later)
The risk of a nuclear bomb was getting higher and I was beginning to think that it is not just a scare. I am not too worried though because the government are saying we can survive it, they also said they would send troops to rescue us if they could reach us alright. My parents have built a shelter under the garage for when the bomb hits, that is what they have told us to do on the news.
BOMB...” I woke up, scared and sweating, it was a dream of when people were telling us about the bomb.
        “I am going outside.”
I said bravely to my mum. She just looked at me and nodded...

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