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Fm30 Essay

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Ramsey Electronics Model No. FM30

A new and improved version of our popular stereo transmitter kits, the FM30 is an ideal upgrade for improved performance and ease of use! With a low-noise design and a metal case, the FM30 suffers from much less interference for a better S/N ratio. The FM30 also has full digital front panel control of output power, volume, balance, stereo/mono, and frequency!
• • Synthesized 87.9MHz to 108.1MHz for no frequency drift! Direct digital input of frequency, no jumpers or DIP switches! Designed for extruded, rugged metal case, all lines have RF chokes, and fully regulated for the cleanest sounding low noise performance yet! BNC style RF output for easy, reliable connections. Fully digitally controlled transmit power for custom coverage capabilities! Digital volume and balance controls for easy audio level adjustments. Runs from 13.8-16VDC, includes 15V DC adapter. Quality of signal indicator lets you know when you have a good signal or over-modulated signal. Lets you know when to turn it up, or down! Great for schools, health clubs, yard casting, drive-in movie theaters, haunted rides, amusement parks, churches, etc!

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FM30• 1

PARTIAL LIST OF AVAILABLE KITS: RAMSEY TRANSMITTER KITS • FM10A, FM25B, FM30, FM Stereo Transmitters • FM100B, FM35 Professional FM Stereo Transmitters • AM1, AM25 AM Broadcast Band Transmitters RAMSEY RECEIVER KITS • FR1 FM Broadcast Receiver • AR1 Aircraft Band Receiver • SR2 Shortwave Receiver • AA7 Active Antenna • SC1 Shortwave Converter RAMSEY HOBBY KITS • SG7 Personal Speed Radar • SS70C Speech Scrambler/Descrambler • TT1 Telephone Recorder • SP1 Speakerphone • MD3 Microwave Motion Detector • PH14 Peak hold Meter • LC1 Inductance-Capacitance Meter RAMSEY AMATEUR RADIO KITS • HR Series HF All Mode Receivers • DDF1 Doppler Direction Finder Kit • QRP Series HF CW Transmitters • CW7 CW Keyer • QRP Power Amplifiers RAMSEY MINI-KITS Many other kits are...

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