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Following Directions Essay

  • Submitted by: anconway
  • on February 24, 2011
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How do you describe an indescribable task such as trickling. A bad example is having your ducks in a row.   This is a bad example because this does not fully describe the beauty and grace that needs to go into trickling.   Here is a parable much like those from the bible about the importance of trickling and what happens when you don't trickle:
One day there was a great Pharaoh named Raj Kah Amet.   He was a tall man of 56, he was thin, with a strong, authoritative jaw line and piercing dark eyes. The only thing that gave a clue to his immense compassion and humbleness was his soft, warm smile.   Pharaoh Raj was a gracious pharaoh and treated all of his subject with mercy and compassion.   Pharaoh Raj had a beautiful family.   He had a beautiful wife named Ankara Samet. She was a petit lady, with skin kissed by the sun and a smile that could calm a storm.   He also had two stunning young twin boys Samsara Kan and Tutankaja Sun.   They were tall and handsome, with big brown eyes and long dark hair. His life was perfect.

But like all things, nothing is perfect. Pharaoh Raj had an evil jealous brother named Abubakar Beb.
Abubakar ebb was always coming up with different schemes in order to take his brother's throne. But Pharaoh Raj was a very intelligent Pharaoh. He knew his brother's conniving ways and made certain that   all of his schemes were quickly foiled.
On the eve of his twins 15th birthday, the birthday in which they become considered a man, and become eligible to inherit the throne Pharaoh Raj created a systematic way for his brood to stay safe around the city, you see, the Pharaoh knew that his brother would be planning an ingenious scheme to cause harm to his sons and inherit the throne.   He called this system trickling.   The Pharaoh made his children promise never to walk anywhere alone, but to be inconspicuous as his evil brother may be on to their plan to keep them safe.
One day, not too many days after the promise was made by the twins,...

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