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Ford Essay

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Ford Motor Company is an automotive company that is famous for revolutionary breakthroughs in its industry, such as the invention of large scale mass production, the assembly line, and previously unheard of wages (Henry Ford).   Although Ford did not invent the automobile, its original ideas revolutionized the world, and helped develop what would later become the modern automotive industry.
In 1896, Henry Ford invented the Quadricycle (Henry Ford). But it was very far from what he would produce a few years later. But it was the starting point of Ford's career as a businessman. Until the Quadricycle, Ford's ideas had been experimental (Henry Ford). The Quadricycle showed enough potential that it launched the beginning of Ford's business ventures (Henry Ford).
Ford Motor Company was founded on June 16, 1903 (Henry Ford). Ford started his company with investments from partners and bankers.   Beginning in 1903, the company began using the first nineteen letters of the alphabet to name new models (Henry Ford). The earliest record of a shipment was a Model A on July 20, 1903, about a month after the company‚Äôs starting (Henry Ford).
Henry Ford's insistence that the company's future lay in the mass production of affordable cars caused increasing tension between him and the other investors (Henry Ford). As some left, Ford acquired enough stock to increase his own holdings to 58.5 percent. Henry Ford became president in 1906, replacing John S. Gray, a Detroit banker who had served as the company's first CEO (Henry Ford).

In 1907, Henry Ford announced his goal for the Ford Motor Company which was to create "A motor car for the great multitude." (Henry Ford) At that time, automobiles were expensive, custom-made machines. Ford's engineers took the first step towards this goal by designing the Model T, a simple, sturdy car, offering no factory options not even color (Henry Ford).  
Demand for the affordable car soared even as production went up. Ford stopped making the...

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