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Forensics Essay

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In the world of forensics, investigators are constantly made aware of the importance of working quickly to obtain the time sensitive evidence of a crime scene. The importance of accurate evidence is extremely valuable in order to support solid cases. Welcome to the world of forensics, where investigators get only one shot at collecting adequate evidence before it becomes contaminated.

As investigators approach crime scenes, they know they have to work quickly, while being careful because they only have one chance at the crime scene to ensure they collect enough evidence to support a case.
Evidence can be very fragile and can easily become contaminated. Not only can the weather play a big part in the quality of the evidence, but so can curious onlookers such as, animals, eyewitnesses, the general public, and even other police officers. Trace evidence such as blood, paint, fiber, and hair can be easily passed on from one item to another. Wet or moist evidence that is packed in plastic can grow bacteria and could destroy DNA.

Investigators must follow a strict controlled procedure during the investigation to be sure the area is taped off to keep unauthorized personal away from the crime scene. Investigators are responsible for making sure that all the evidence collected could have been applied only during the crime and not brought in by someone else. In order to eliminate the possibility of contamination, Investigators must secure items that could cross contaminate by packing the evidence separately and closing containers securely. Tools that are used to collect the evidence should be carefully cleaned or replaced after each use.
Investigators are responsible for keeping their gloves free of contamination and changing them necessary. Contamination consists of touching blood, touching their own bodies and even covering their mouth or face while they are sneezing and coughing. Investigators must make sure all biological evidence is thoroughly air dried, and...

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