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Formal Supply Chain Essay

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1.0. Operations Management.
1.1. Summary.
In this report, we shall be looking at how a Formal Supply Chain will affect Comfort Company plc. Supply chain is becoming more important as time goes on because of changing legislation, more awareness of environmental concerns and ethics.   Whether it will be valuable enough to the company and its customers, how it would be implemented and looking at the employees views on it. The main aim of a Formal Supply Chain is to gain customer acceptance, thus building up customer loyalty which then builds up to greater profit margins and this is what every business aspires to.
1.2. Introduction.
Comfort Company plc, it is a well established business that has been around for 15 years, located in Crewe, Cheshire. Up until the late 1990’s most business’s operated on a ‘closed system’, however due to new pressures from the business environment, things had to start changing. Now in 2011 Comfort Company are debating whether or not to introduce a new Formal Supply Chain.   A Formal Supply Chain is where the buyers and sellers combine in order to give added value to the customer’s needs. Now the areas of business are changing, there is a greater need for customer services and value for money. One aspect that will help achieve these factors is a Formal Supply Chain; there are many benefits that can come from this approach. Some are; improved customer service, balance between costs and services, reduced costs throughout the supply chain, improved relationships and competitive advantages. Throughout this report these factors will be taken into account, thus building up to future recommendations.
1.3. Research Methodology.
One of the main objectives that needs to be achieved before the system goes ahead is employee backing. If the employees do not agree, then this will cause a major disruption as they are one of the central aspects.   In order to find out employee’s views on whether or not the change would be beneficial, research was...

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