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The Fountainhead Essay

  • Submitted by: dwhiteman
  • on December 16, 2008
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Fighting For His Life

Ordinarily, if one annihilates a multi-million dollar edifice, especially one built to house the downtrodden poor, the culprit will undoubtedly face severe penalties and jail time. However, Howard Roark, Ayn Rand’s embodiment of what man can, and ought, to be, dynamites a housing project that he himself designed, known as Cortlandt Homes, and receives no punishment, and rightly so. In the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Howard Roark appears as the main character as well as what many objectivists would consider the perfect soul. Roark, a man who acts exclusively for himself and not for the approval of others, designs a government housing project for his acquaintance, Peter Keating. Keating, because he lacks the skill to do so on his own, asks Roark to design this project. Roark agrees to create this representation of everything he loathes. Although Howard strongly disapproves of welfare and government housing, he boasts great interest in working with inexpensive materials. Still, Roark complies on one key, incontestable condition; that Keating allow no one to interfere with the design or the building process. Peter, being the weak-hearted character that he is, fails to meet this requirement and Roark simply cannot let other architects meddle with his work. Ergo, Roark proceeds to dynamite Cortlandt Homes.
Many would find great fault in a man who destroys a dwelling built to assist the underprivileged poor. Instead, Roark feels completely justified, both morally and philosophically, in obliterating the altruist monstrosity. In fact, it appears as if Howard does not care that his actions may land him in jail because of his philosophical beliefs. He and Dominique Francon both know what needs to be done to the Cortlandt Housing Project after various architects destroyed one man’s faultless design. Normally, when one is asked to partake in a crime so devious, one would refuse profusely. However, when Roark explains to Dominique his plan...

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