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Four Miles To Pinecone Essay

  • Submitted by: valpalrox14
  • on December 14, 2008
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There are many stages in life, but the most memorable times are the teenage years. Some kids may turn down the wrong path and others help their friends turn around. In this award-winning book the main character, Thomas, is a courageous sixteen year-old that goes through many obstacles in his summer vacation. Thomas reminds me of myself, he’s the good kid in the group of friends. Thomas is just always in situations that need tough decisions. Thomas comes in contact with several characters’ that help him along his journey, each symbolizing something. Whether it is hope, trust, honesty, friendship, well being, greed or simply peace. The theme of this story is you can’t learn about courage, without learning about fear. This story gave me a different perspective on life. Why should anyone live life with fear? Wrong question, How could anyone live life with fear? What brings tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow never comes? This boy, Thomas doesn’t live in fear, he lives knowing he helped someone along the way.
Thomas tried to help his best friend, Mouse, by sending him to jail. Mouse was the mischievous type; he was starving for attention just like ninety percent of average American teenagers these days. Mouse broke into Thomas’s job one gloomy night knocking out his boss, Mr. Kerr. Thomas, being the friend that he is, didn’t tell a soul. This situation that Thomas is in reminds me of my useless summer. There are things in life where you should be responsible and take action, other things you need to be a trustworthy friend and not snitch. Obviously, Thomas had to do something about it if he wanted to get his friend some help. He was so discouraged about his life he needed a little relaxation. Everybody needs a little relaxation now and then but for Thomas? It wasn’t his average vacation up at his Uncle’s resort he became apart of another criminal chase. In this one he was actually apart of it. He could either run from his problems and face it and save the county. Most...

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