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Four Phase Art Criticism Paper

  • Submitted by: monylim72
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Ms. BH

Art, Section

December 13, 2011



  1. THE DESCRIPTION (an impartial visual inventory).

  A. Start the description by presenting to the reader the general aspects of the work. For example, “This work is a large landscape, horizontal in format,” or This painting is a life sized, full length, vertical portrait.

          This is a picture of Laurie Anderson. This picture of Laurie Anderson is a small-sized artwork, which is vertical in format. It shows Ms. Anderson with her electric musical instrument, which is the electric violin, in an outfit that blends harmoniously with her background.
  B. Paint a picture “with words” so that the reader can visualize the work being described. Traditional works show recognizable persons or objects making the job of description easier. Contemporary abstract or non-objective works rarely show us things that have common or proper names, so we have to describe the shapes, colors, spaces, and volumes we see.

          Being a well-known musician, it is natural for her to be photographed holding an electric violin in her hands. I could imagine what appears to be on the side of a musical studio, or a podium that has been broken off. It is probably night time because there is a hint of whiteness coming from the bottom left corner, creating harsh shadows and designs. The photo appears to be taken indoors somewhere on where she was performing. The shape of the photo appears to be rectangular. The violin in the photo is unique-looking. Most of the colors are dark because they create a harmonious environment. Thus, providing a nice juxtaposition to her face enables it to stand out nicely.

  C. The words in the description are like pointers and should help us to notice or point to things worth seeing. They should focus on inconspicuous details that the casual viewer might miss.

          The chair seems to be a bit hidden,...

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