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Fplds Essay

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Electric motors are all over in today’s society, allowing the movement of crucial electronics that part of our daily routine.   Given their wide range of applications, it is no surprise the quantity of different types of electric motors. Many factors come into account when selecting a motor to be integrated in a specific application; purpose, volume, power efficiency, performance, dependability and of course cost are all important attributes companies consider when selecting new electric motors and deciding which ones to integrate in their products. At present nonetheless, the electric motor is at the commencement of a new era of highest competence and computerization built upon highly sophisticated FPGA-powered motor control systems. These innovative systems are just starting to formulate their means into the factories that generate the world’s products and consume a gigantic percentage of the world’s power. Understanding the current problem of inefficiency that powers today’s motors, Xilinx is leading the way of this technological revolution. And is delivering targeted design platform that will permit companies to rapidly develop the most superior motor control systems to date and assist factories get to superior levels of computerization and competence.
The demand for processing performance is growing exponentially and programmable logic control is growing exchanging the need of traditional processor based motor control. In history, engineers used microcontrollers for factory class motor control with fixed logic devices. This requires time to go from design to prototypes. It could take from several months to more than a year to finalize manufacturing, depending on the complexity of the device. And, if the device does not work properly, or if the requirements change, a new design must be developed. But with programmable logic devices, designers use low-cost software tools to quickly develop, simulate, and test their designs. Then, a design can be rapidly...

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