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Frakenstein Essay

  • Submitted by: LOVESICK&SOSO
  • on December 10, 2008
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Malvinia Browne
Ms. Drew
English 102


The story of Frankenstein has many themes within it, from social to

theology. Among these themes are many aspects to touch upon, yet the mean

idea that strict me with in the novel is Frankenstein’s fascination and

infatuation with the ability to play God. Where to “play God” I mean the

ability to restore life into a being. There are many questions that arise when

thinking of this event. For after the “demon” (which Frankenstein called him)

was risen he immediately hated it. A feeling of disgust and shame came upon

him and he ran away from it. This would not had been a total surprise if the

monster had been created out of forceful unwillingness or mistake, but Victor

F. slaved day and night for more then a year: digging into grave yards, rarely

sleeping, not eating   and neglecting family and friends to create this

nightmare. Why would he then run from it. After a man has suffered to reach

greatness does he shy from it or instead boast of it so that the world may talk

of it and admire? Where was Victor F.’s   ethical beliefs and morals when this

passion of birth consumed him, only for him to find out within the end that he

had not wanted such a birth at all. The fact that the monster was ugly to me

had no   stand point in Victor’s abandonment, for before the daemon had

awoken he saw his ugliness, huge stature and shape. Could he had not made

it more pleasing to the eye or collected a fresh brain, that it would be

knowledgeable and social. With out all these factors even could he not had

taught it well. It is a thing of fascination that a man may disown a loved thing.

For he did love it or he would had not gone though such pains to obtain it.

One would think that after such a process the likeness to that thing would be

one of...

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  • Submitted by: LOVESICK&SOSO
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: English
  • Length: 672 words
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