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France Country Report

  • Submitted by: awerner
  • on December 6, 2011
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France Country Report

General Information
1. Population:
  * 65 million (Jan 1st, 2010)
2. Gross Domestic Product:
  * 2.580 trillion USD (2010)
3. Principal Industries:
  * Airport, electronics, transportation, textiles, clothing, food processing, chemicals, machinery, and steel
  * Agriculture: Products--grains (wheat, barley, corn); wines and spirits; dairy products; sugar beets; oilseeds; meat and poultry; fruits and vegetables.
  * Industry: 22.9%
  * Services: Services to companies and individuals, financial and real estate activities, tourism and transportation
4. Principal Exports:
  * $521 billion (2010 est.)
  * Automobiles, aircraft and aircraft components, pharmaceuticals, automobile equipment, iron and steel products, refined petroleum products, cosmetics, organic chemicals, electronic components, wine and champagne
5. PRINCIPAL trade agreement/regional political organization membership:
  * European Union (EU)
  * World Customs Organization
  * Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  * Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna
  * Montreal Protocol
  * Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  * Wassenaar Arrangement
6. Name of currency and exchange rate with $US:
  * Euros
  * Exchange rate to USD – 0.32%
7. Inflation rate:
  * 2.2% (2011 est.)
8. Unemployment rate:
  * 9.3% (2011 est.)
9. Income distribution among population:
  * “The richest 10% of the French population has an income of US$ 54,000 per year, in purchasing power parities – about the same as the OECD average. Similarly, the middle class have an income level (US$ 20,000) similar to the OECD average. However, the poorest 10% of the French population have an income of almost US$ 9,000 per year – about 25% higher than the average for OECD countries”(oecd.org).
10. Basic organizational structure of national government:
  * The Fifth Republic under the constitution of...

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