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Frankenstein: Judgements Faults Essay

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  • on January 29, 2009
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Judgments Faults

To judge a person by only their outer appearance is a very easy thing to do; that does not make it alright.   To see someone and assume something about them is natural and comfortable to humans.   This is what takes place more often than not in any society.   Mary Shelley's Frankenstein tells the story of a man who creates a monster that everyone who sees it, shuns it.   No person enjoys being judged or thought badly of.   Why, then, do people do so?
The people of the old days when the earth was young had opinions of other tribes or groups that walked the earth.   That was a form of judgment.   The old tribes most likely had no understanding of the other tribes' ways of life.   No understanding of the way things worked for the other tribes.   They had their opinions just the same.   Whether the opinion was correct or false is unknown and also irrelevant; that the opinion was there matters.
People in the times of the change from B.C. to A.D. had their opinions about each other and were separated according to such.   Social status was an enormous contribution to the thoughts that he people had.   From servants to prophets, most had their opinions.   There is not a single person who escapes some form of judgment.   In those days it was that if you were a peasant you were ignorant.   Most of the upper-class citizens were viewed as intelligent.   Not many people in those days saw people for what they were, people only viewed social status.
In Columbus' time he was viewed as crazy for believing the world was round when the vast majority thought the world was flat.   People most likely didn't look at him and wonder why he thought what he did, more than likely they look and thought how crazy he was to go against the popular opinion.   Columbus turned out to be correct about the earth and now people view him as the person who discovered the americas; not the crazy who believed the world was round.
Nowadays people judge based on what people do not to them, but to...

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