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Free Paper On Manzanar

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  • on February 24, 2011
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Max Wheeler
Farewell To Manzanar Assignment
The Issei generation is the first generation of the Japanese. They were born in Japan and the moved to America. They are usually traditional from the old culture they were born in. A quote from the book would be “[Mama] would quickly subordinate her own desires to those of the family or the community, because she knew cooperation was the only way to survive. At the same time she placed a high premium on personal privacy, respected it in others and insisted upon it for herself. … Almost everyone at Manzanar had inherited this pair of traits from the generations before them who had learned to live in a small, crowded country like Japan.” The reason I choose this quote is it is a good quote to see how the Issei saw everything that was going on and they knew that the only thing that they could do to make anything in a better situation is to grin and bear it.   Another quote is “ to most of the Nisei anything looked better than remaining in camp. For most of their parents just the opposite was true.” One reason that this quote would describe a trait of an Issei is because the people were used to being crowed in the towns of Japan and the places they had to live before they left to America. Another quote for an Issei would be “mama’s first concern now was to keep the family together.” I choose this quote because it shows how the Issei liked to keep the family close in together like they had been when she lives in Japan. The final quote for the Issei generation would be “In 1886 Japan had for the first time allowed its citizens to emigrate, and thousands from his district had already left the country in search of better opportunities. Papa followed them.” This is by far the best quote to describe a person from the Issei generation because that is exactly what they did and they left because the were in need of money
      The Nisei is the second generation born. They are the children of the Issei and are originally born in...

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