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french revolution Essay

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  • on December 6, 2008
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Revolution, the word originated from the Latin word revolvere, which means to turn against something or to spin upside down. Now days the word revolution refers, when a replacement of a whole society occurs and when setup a new regime and replace the old one. There are many types of revolutions. There is the social, political, non violent, and the failed revolution. The social revolution refers to a great change in society order. For example change in the fashion, music, art, etc. Political revolution occurs, when people throw the autocratic government and change it into democratic country. When people make revolution without bloodshed, it is called non violent revolution, and this kind of revolution is the most successful one. At last there is the failed revolution, it is called by this name because, when it fails to achieve its goals. The most famous failed revolution is the French revolution. The aim of the most revolutions is to stop things from happening, or to stop established government. Usually it is done inorder to change the applied rules or to change the policy of a certain institution.
                                In 1789, a great revolution began in France. The representatives of this revolution were the peasants, artisans, etc. They were the poorest people and were at the lowest class in France. They created a slogan before the revolution and it was in the meaning of freedom, fairness, and union. The main reason for this revolution was because ,there was no freedom for the poor people; they were sent to jail with no reason, got abused and sentenced to be guillotined; also, The king and the noblemen had not have the word fairness in their dictionary, at that time they created a new law, which consisted of, the people who are in the highest class are exempted from paying the taxes such as, the land and the salt taxes and the rest of the classes, like farmers, professionals, etc. should pay more than supposed; still, the tax collector can take more...

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