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Frequency For Event Essay

  • Submitted by: parisbeauty
  • on December 14, 2008
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Memory for Word Frequency as an Automatic Process
Christina Laine

The affect of instruction on memory for frequency of events was investigated.   Participants were read aloud a list of 126 words that occurred with varying frequencies (from 1 to 6 times).   There were 4 different instructional groups: 1) Free recall, 2) Neutral, 3) Frequency – positive, 4) Frequency – negative. All participants were immediately tested for frequency of the words.   It was found that participants were generally good at making frequency judgments, and instruction did not have an affect on memory for word frequency.   There were no significant differences between the groups.   All four groups made similar frequency judgments with similar accuracy.

Memory for Word Frequency as an Automatic Process
Memory is the representation of previous learning and experience.   These representations are formed based on three important processes:   acquisition, storage, and retrieval.   In acquisition, the new information creates a memory trace and actually causes a change in the structure of the brain as new connections are made to support the new information.   This programming of information into the brain is called encoding.   The information must be stored in memory until it is used in the future.   When certain areas of the brain are activated, the memory is retrieved and is able to be used actively (Reisberg 2006).
Different types of memory can be classified as either explicit or implicit memory.   Explicit memory is memory that you are consciously aware of.   This type of memory is tested with both recognition and recall tests. These tests force an individual to actively think about things that have occurred in the past, thus consciously retrieving the information into working memory.   Implicit memory is memory that is encoded without awareness.   This type of memory is seen in many...

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