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Friday Night Lights Essay

  • Submitted by: redhead4460
  • on December 9, 2008
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Tonight we go to battle.   We walk through the halls like nothing can touch us in our matching black and white shirts.   The things we learn just go right over our heads like an airplane in the sky, not paying attention to anything that is happening.   I am anxious to get out of the wet, dark, and gloomy jail cell we call school.   The clock tics away feeling like hours, yet only minutes have gone by.   I can’t wait until we start the ritual we do before every football game.  
Then the very kind and awesome teacher lets me and my also eager classmates go five minutes before the bell rings because we are the top dogs this year, top of the food chain, we are seniors.   The class stampedes out of the room like scared gazelle running from a hungry lion in the African safari.   I then get in my steaming car that has been baking in the sun all day and race out of the parking lot glad to be out of school.   I arrive at my newly finished home just to do some homework or to play some mindless videogame waiting until it is time to feast.   The time is almost two o’clock where I speed off to the fabulous steak house that we all call Lone Star.
The team sits waiting like vultures circling the carcass of an animal for the head coach of the football team.   He lectures our adolescent minds about what we are not able to do inside when we begin eat our hot and savory meals waiting for us in the hot kitchen.   We all squeeze into the doors of the restaurant like cows being herded in a pen getting to our seats so our meals can be served to us.   All of the players get situated in our chairs and start consuming our already waiting salads on the long tables that seem to stretch for miles and miles.   As we finish, the waiters and waitresses start calling out the orders “Steak,” “Chicken,” and “Ribs”.   To keep in spirit of the ritual I always order the extremely delicious and succulent ribs.   The smell strikes my nose like being punched in the face because it is so good.   I begin wolfing down...

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