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Functions Of Management Paper

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Functions Of Management
Jeffery W Caldwell
February 22, 2011
Steve Smith

Functions Of Management
The first of the four fundamental functions of management is planning. The planning function makes decision about an organizations activities and strategies based on what the company has been doing, what the company wants to do, and anticipating future trends. During planning the organization also will determine what it needs to accomplish these activities and strategies. These needs can and often include resources such as personal, equipment, and technical. Planning is very important for any organization but for new organizations it can be life saving. Business want to have a good "value" or the monetary amount associated with a job, task, good, or service that meets a users' needs (Bateman, T., Snell, S., 2009). To have a good value a organization needs to meet the needs of its customer base with quality, speed and efficiency. An organization that does meet those needs within or surpassing the customers expectations, is of greater value then one who is not meeting these goals. Planning will keep both sides of value in mind, 1) they will want to make sure they have high value for there customer base, and 2) that all their suppliers have high value for them. Good planning will ensure that you are doing better then expected without going to for beyond that expectations.
The second of the fundamental functions of   management is organizing. Organizing is the management of assembling and coordinating human, financial, physical, information, and other resources needed to achieve goals (Bateman, T., Snell, S., 2009 p.20). Organizing tries to create the atmosphere to achieve the most beneficial success for itself. Although organizing is in and of itself internal to the organization, it needs to take in to consideration competitor threats, and customers needs and be able to adapt and respond. Again keeping "value" in mind. During...

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