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Gangs Essay

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Gangs are more and more common in America everyday.   Most gangs are trying to prove themselves worthy of loyalty, security, and self worth.   When you think of a gang what do you think of?   Most gangs are used for evil rather then good, but it can all depend on what the gang is trying to accomplish.  
Looking at the group of individuals on page thirty eight in American Voices they seem to be trying to install fear to the audience of society.   Their defenses mechanism is violence and hated to get back at hurt in everyday life.   Dose violence solve the problem for people hurting in life?
If you look at most people that are hurt from a curtain situation they lash out at people verbally.   Nobody likes to take responsibility for wrong actions.   Nobody likes to be corrected when something goes wrong.   If it continues it can build up in the individuals to an act of violence or much bigger.   That can create more problems in society.   So are gangs good or bad?
If you really take a look at gang in general they are kind of like a small business.   You have the president, leader or leaders of the gang, you have followers, employees.   The leader gives orders and the follows carry out the task appointed to them.   To say that a gang is good or bad is shown by what they consist of doing or saying.   For example, gangs that have been cheated or robbed from would probably tend to be more violent.   Gangs that are used for good usually search for helping people in society.  
So the picture that I looked at on page thirty eight in American Voices resembled a gang that was hurt by some one or something.   That particular gang is trying to solve their problems by acting out in society with violence and hatred.   Dose that gang mean well in society?

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