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Gap Analylis Essay

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Problem Statement
Riordan Manufacturing can become an industry leader by improving employee satisfaction.
End-State Vision
The first desired end-state goal is to increase employee satisfaction by following through with addressing the concerns mentioned from the employee surveys. This will show the employees that the company cares and intend to improve. This will help with employee turnover. Another end-state goal is to evaluate the current compensation plans for each department and ensure the company is aligned with the industry standards. The third end-state goal is to improve communication with employees and within the executive team. By involving employees in decisions and communicating effectively will increase employee buy-in. The fourth end-state goal is to revamp the current reward system and implement a new one. The last end-state goal is to create a stronger HR system.
Alternative Solutions
It is important for companies to look at their employees as one of their biggest assets. Morale has a tendency to go up and down in companies due to the lack of understanding the employees’ needs. “As staff size becomes increasingly "lean and mean," it's vital that the word "mean" be replaced by phrases such as "team spirit" and "enthusiasm” (Strenski, 1991).   “Maintaining that willingness to "go above and beyond to insure success" requires management to formulate a carefully planned and implemented employee communications program” (Strenski, 1991). In the case of Sundial Beach and Tennis Resort they worked through the process of creating a successful employee relations program.
In the first step of this program it required them to listening to employees and “truly” get “a feel for where they’re coming from” (Strenski, 1991).   Sundial would listen to the employees informally and then perform employee surveys to outline the present perceptions and attitudes (Strenski, 1991).   It was important that they “let employees know that their ideas and opinions were...

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