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Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: stephensjl79
  • on December 4, 2008
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Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Issues
Growing up isn’t always so easy
SWK 304 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
October 14, 2008

Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Issues: Growing up isn’t always so easy
Growing up as a gay or lesbian adolescent is difficult for many young people.   Adolescent homosexuals struggle in many area of their lives.   Some adolescent homosexuals have trouble at home with their families concerning their sexuality, while others struggle in public and the stigma attached to their sexual preference.   School is a difficult time in many young people’s lives and being homosexual makes it even more challenging.   Some issues that these teens have to deal with is being picked on, named called, singled out, misunderstood, trivialized, and unfortunately at times even physically assaulted.  
When a homosexual tells others openly that he or she is attracted to the same sex, this is called, “coming out,” or sometimes, “coming out of the closet.”   This is easier for some people than it is for others. Many teens choose to wait until high school is over to openly admit their sexuality. (Coming Out, Gay n.d.)   Teen years are difficult and the stigma of being gay is not something that some teens want to deal with during this time in their lives.   Meanwhile, they are confused and sometimes frustrated during this time.
Understanding from a parent or relative allows the adolescent to feel more secure in their self.   Life is easier for homosexuals when their families are accepting.   Families need to understand that sexual orientation is not a mental disorder.   The causes of homosexuality are not fully understood. (AACAP, 2006)   Some people see sexual preference as a matter of choice.   Others believe that sexual preference is biological, meaning that it is a part of their very nature and can not be changed.
Scientists have found interesting biological differences between homosexual and heterosexual people; however the evidence is unable to...

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